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Tuesday 13th October 2015

Guy Martin breaks the British land speed record using Reynolds

This is the bike that Guy Martin rode to a new British absolute speed record of 112mph, drafting a racing truck.

Image courtesy of Cycling Weekly

Image courtesy of Cycling Weekly

The motorcycle racer and lorry mechanic from Grimsby was filmed by Channel 4 last year, as he attacked the record of 110mph set by Dave Le Grys on the unopened M42 motorway in 1986.

With no unopened motorways available, Martin opted for Pendine Sands in South Wales, a seven-mile stretch of beach with a history of record breaking: it was first used in 1924 by Malcolm Campbell to reach 146mph in his Bluebird. But pedalling a pushbike on sand at over 100mph is hairier than Martin’s cheeks.

For the bike, Martin chose Rourke, a Stoke family business that also has a history of record breaking: Brian Rourke was nine-time BBAR winner Ian Cammish’s frame-builder. His son Jason — with some reservations — made Martin’s frame.

“I didn’t want any part in it, was my initial response,” said Rourke. “We’re busy and I could do without the responsibility of something so dangerous. But then you start thinking, it’s quite interesting…”


The frame chosen for the bike was Reynolds 853 steel with a housing for a second axle halfway up the seat tube braced to the rear horizontal dropouts with a second set of chainstays. It has a tandem-style eccentric bottom bracket to adjust chain tension to the seat tube-mounted sprocket.

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Image courtesy of Cycling Weekly









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Images courtesy Jason Rourke

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