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Wednesday 7th October 2015

Interview with steel bike guru Jason Rourke


Image courtesy of Cycling Weekly

Recently we caught up with the master of steel bike-building; Jason Rourke. Jason has been designing and building bikes with Reynolds steel for over 20 years and we wanted to know more about his love of steel.

Unrivalled ride quality, Strength to weight, durability and ability to build any style of bike.
High. We were seeing our customers getting older when aluminium and carbon became a new material for bikes as I think younger riders were drawn to new technology, but now all ages including youngsters are requesting steel bikes.

We were very proud to be asked to build a bike for Mohammad Ali as a present from the city of Stoke on Trent. As a Stoke fan building a 953 bike for Tony Pulis was great. Since building Guy’s speed bike, I’ve built him a few more. Reynolds 853 Fixie and Mountain bikes.
Above riders bikes were probably for famous people, but for famous cyclists I’d have to take a while to make a list. There will be some great riders I’ve missed here. I’m not sure who would be most famous and from which era. As we have a history in racing bikes. We’ve built from Reg Harris, Les West, Hugh Porter through to (9 times? BBAR win Ian Cammish then later we’ve built for Peter Kennaugh, Steve Joughin in the last few weeks we’ve built for Matt Crampton, Jason Kenny and just this week a Reynolds 953 track bike for World Champion Elinor Barker. We’ve built for a few famous musicians etc too.

Probably 3-4 days but over 2 weeks as getting stays to miss chain was most challenging, as well as the 2 BB’s. Happy to have broke a record but more relief that nothing went wrong.

I can’t pick anything specific I get most proud when talking to people that love to ride the bike I’ve made. Guy Martin’s speed record was probably the best for a total buzz about what
we achieved. Meeting and making friends with Guy has been brilliant he is a great person and one of the most interesting people I’ve met.
Not sure in competitive cycling as said we’ve built a stainless 953 for Elinor, she will ride the National track champs and Revolution series on it, I doubt there will many steel bikes in those races mainly because of mass produced bike brands strangle hold they have on riders through sponsorship. Madison Genesis have rode steel bikes in the peloton and said they were inspired by a road race 953 bike we showed at Bespoked Bristol.


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