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Monday 9th November 2015

‘Quick Q&A’ with Barrett James from Niner Bikes



At Niner, bikes aren’t a product…they’re a passion.

As summed up in their own words:

‘At Niner we’re excited about the buzz…the feelings we get when we sell products that we love to people who love our products. Being a part of the Niner community doesn’t start at the cash register and doesn’t end when you walk out the bike shop door’.

We recently caught up with valued partner, Barrett James at Niner who was kind enough to answer a few questions on why they use Reynolds on their bikes.


Which Reynolds tube products does Niner use?

Niner proudly crafts its frames using Reynolds 853 tube sets.

What are the main benefits of using the tubing on your bikes?

We chose Reynolds 853, not only for the legendary ride qualities steel frame riders have come to expect, but also for the reliability Reynolds is known for.

What does the future hold for the steel framed bike?

Niner got its start building quality mountain bike frames with Reynolds 853. Not being ones to forget our roots, I don’t see steel frames departing from the line anytime soon.

Barrett, it’s been a pleasure.

To see just how awesome Niners’ bikes really are – skip on over to their site or preview the Niner RLT 9 Steel right here

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