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Thursday 17th December 2015

De Rosa TITANIO 3.25

We have had the pleasure of partnering DeRosa for over 10 years, supplying them with high-specification Titanium for their hand-built range.

Founder Dorian DeRosa built his first titatnium frame in 1993, and in 2002 made the switch to 6/4 alloy titanium – stronger and stiffer than its more popularly used 3/2.5 alloy brother – all sourced by Reynolds.

The TITANIO 3.25 frame is produced personally by Doriano De Rosa, with special tubes in titanium alloy: double-thickness TI3AL-2.5V. The steering tube is CNC machined, as are the fork ends. A masterpiece with the De Rosa trademark, in which genuine, high-grade titanium enhances the frame qualities of light weight and mechanical resistance.

To peruse the superlative DeRosa range visit www.derosanews.com