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Thursday 16th July 2015

Genesis 953 Volare

With sublime handling and rapid performance, the Genesis Volare is proof, if ever it were needed, that steel still has a place at the top table of performance road bikes. The Madison Genesis Pro Team have put steel bikes back in the professional peloton, and in doing so have developed an exciting bike that appeals equally to racers and non-racers alike.

The tubeset is a specially designed martensitic-ageing stainless steel alloy that offers a tensile strength of over 2000MP, providing a very high strength-to-weight ratio.

Here’s what road.cc thought of the Volare when they reviewed it in 2014:

‘To ride, the Volare Team 953 just feels good; really good. Boot it up the road with all the watts you can summon from your legs and it rips along at a terrific pace. Drop into a descent and it is stable and predictable. The Volare gives you the confidence to explore some high speeds through the corners. Pin it through an apex and it feels settled, almost calm, unlike some bikes which can start to get nervous at such speeds’.

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