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Tuesday 21st July 2015

Moda Intimo II

Moda are using Reynolds 953 on the Intimo model – one of their best selling road bikes.

Reynolds 953 takes the metallurgy rule book and throws it out of the window. With strength to weight ratio’s higher than those of 6AL titanium and a impact strength similar to armour plating this is a dream material to make a frame from.

Taking this wonder material Moda designed and built a frame that keeps the classic and much loved ride characteristics of steel and yet maintains a stiff riding platform. Wrapped up in paint and polish with a LDC carbon fork this is a modern classic in every sense of the term.
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In a recent interview with Road Cycling UK, Moda’s James Ryan commented:

‘From the growth we have seen in our titanium bikes we felt it was the right time to incorporate steel into the line up. They had to look current and have a nod to classic bikes but at the same time be based around modern geometries and utilise the strengths and manufacturing techniques that can be achieved using current Reynolds grades’.

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