3D Printing

We believe 3D printing gives frame builders the opportunity to have intricate, unique parts on their frames in a way that fabricating, casting or CNC machining cannot deliver. We sell 3D printed parts in both titanium and stainless steel.
Our stainless steel dropouts can be TIG welded to any stainless or ferrous steel tubes. It can also be fillet brazed to 931.
With any new design part, we always subject it to ISO testing in a prototype frame to confirm its integrity and durability. We recommend that any new frame design is subjected to ISO testing to prove its durability and integrity.

We have also been working with Warwick Manufacturing Group at Warwick University to undertake a detailed metallurgical analysis of the grain structure and porosity of the parts. These tests have shown that the 3D printed parts have the strength of over 90% of a wrought part. This is significantly better than a casting.

We are able to add custom logos. This will incur a small charge to cover the CAD work to add the artwork to the print. More significant changes can be accommodated subject to discussion with Reynolds.