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Friday 6th January 2023

Reynolds – Winter 2023 Newsletter

Amidst what has been a challenging 2022 for many in the cycle industry, we wish you a Happy New Year. We have a lot of new things to share with you in this newsletter!


Monday 7th November 2022

Reynolds – Autumn 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to our Autumn 2022 Newsletter! Have you managed to enjoy riding in the sunshine as well as making bikes?…


Monday 10th January 2022

Reynolds – Early 2022 Newsletter

As 2022 has begun, we would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year! As we all know, it has been a challenging couple of years for the cycling industry, and we have met very few customers face to face…

Tuesday 20th April 2021

Newsletter: March 2021 Torch and File Monthly

As a builder based in the USA, Andy has been using Reynolds’ tubing for decades. Our partnership kicked off in 2014 when he officially became our US tubing distributor from his Portland warehouse.

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Indoor Cycling and Staying Fit in A Pandemic

Indoor cycling has taken the world by storm due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the reasons to consider indoor cycling, include convenience, time-efficiency, not being dependant on weather, and no clean up!

Reynolds Technology booth Eurobike 2018 Round-up

Sunday 22nd July 2018

Show talk: Eurobike 2018 Round-up

Team Reynolds travelled to Friedrichshafen, Germany at the beginning of July to attend Eurobike 2018. As always, the show was…

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