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Tuesday 20th April 2021

Newsletter: March 2021 Torch and File Monthly

A big thank you to Andy Newlands and Torch and File for allowing us to post this newsletter on our website for our customers to see! If you would like to check out their website, click here!

As a builder based in the USA, Andy has been using Reynolds’ tubing for decades, and even got to know our team back in 1970 when he made a trip here to the UK! Our partnership kicked off in 2014 when he officially became our US tubing distributor from his Portland warehouse. Andy also provides Reynolds’ with valuable feedback on trends, supports us at trade shows like NAHBS, and even educates us on the local fine wines when we visit him in the USA.

Torch and File Newsletter no. 60

Elde’s Packard Service Building built in 1948 in Goose Hollow, Portland, Oregon, now home to the Strawberry Workshop and World Headquarters of Torch and File framebuilders’ supplies since 2002.

A Little History

In 1970 after graduation from the UW school of Civil Engineering, I lived in the Cotswolds near Bulls Cross, Stroud, UK a few miles from Gloucester. Once a week I rode in a massed start road race in the Bristol area and during one of the train trips down to Bristol I learned of a road race across the English/Scottish border in The Cheviot Hills held the week before the Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh. This sounded like an adventure, so I headed north on the train with my new Bob Jackson bicycle. The road race included national team members and it was no sooner apparent that I was out of my depth than I was desperately off the back of the pack touring the Scottish Highlands in the pouring August rain. A week later the weather was still abysmal but the scenery cycling down Loch Ness was beautiful. Returning south I stopped in Birmingham for a visit to the Reynolds factory and enjoyed a nice lunch with Terry Bill, Reynolds Sales Manager at the time. At the tour conclusion, Terry gave me a 1960’s era catalogue and a glass ashtray of the Hay Hall Works, Tyseley, Birmingham both of which sit proudly in my office today. Back on the train, I spent a few days in London and ordered a Hetchins cycle frame for a girlfriend. My interest in cycle frame construction was piqued by the Hetchins shop visit. Fast forward, I returned to Portland and in 1971 Mark DiNucci and I began constructing road and track racing bicycle frame sets. Today both Strawberry bicycle frame fabrication and Torch and File frame building supply distribution are located in a 1948 poured concrete warehouse in Goose Hollow, Portland, Oregon (photo above) which my wife and I purchased in 2002. It is good to celebrate 50 years in the cycling business and I am very pleased to be working with the Reynolds Technology Ltd. crew handling distribution of steel and stainless steel in the USA and internationally.



The new LS402 stainless 304 flat mount dropouts are sold with the interchangeable aluminum LS402-HGR thru axle dropout hangers. The set is complete with the Robert Axle Project thru axle no. LIG612 165mm length (142mm road axle length). Soon to be available (late April/early May) are the Reynolds LS403-HGR vertical aluminum dropout hangers for those who wish to swap-out the thru axle dropout hangers for the old style vertical dropouts (T&F no. DOC023). Currently available are the LS402-HGR thru axle aluminum dropout hangers (T&F no. DOC021). Thus Chameleon.


Reynolds is offering a 7% off coupon for customers who anticipate buying 10-49 tubes throughout 2021. You can take advantage of this sale by using the code “reynoldsloyalty” at checkout on Torch and File. Use the code every time you order, whether 1 tube or 49 tubes!

40% Off Sale on HSS and Brazed Carbid T&F Manufactured Tube Mitre Cutters.


14mm was $135.00 – now $81.00 T&F no. TMCI140
19mm was $135.00 – now $81.00 T&F no. TMCI190
22.2mm was $135.00 – now $81.00 T&F no. TMCI222
28.6mm was $315.00 – now $189.00 T&F no. TMCI286
29.8mm was $315.00 – now $189.00 T&F no. TMCI298
31.0mm was $315.00 – now $189.00 T&F no. TMCI310
31.8mm was $315.00 – now $189.00 T&F no. TMCI318
36.4mm was $315.00 – now $189.00 T&F no. TMCI364
38.1mm was $315.00 – now $189.00 T&F no. TMCI381


31.0mm was $315.00 – now $189.00 T&F no. TMC310
34.0mm was $315.00 – now $189.00 T&F no. TMC340
37.0mm was $315.00 – now $189.00 T&F no. TMC370
42.0mm was $315.00 – now $189.00 T&F no. TMC420
49.4mm was $315.00 – now $189.00 T&F no. TMC493


28.6mm was $315.00 – now $189.00 T&F no. BCMC286
31.8mm was $315.00 – now $189.00 T&F no. BCMC318


Lug vise complete w/split sleeves 28.6, 31.7, 33.8, 36.0mm, Jergens two spoke aluminum handwheel (some have the cast iron handle), 4141 Acme threaded drawbar hardened for wearability. SLV002 is now $240 each on sale from $290.


From Bottom Bracket Taps, Head Tube Facing Cutters, Seat Tube Reamers to Mitre Cutters and everything in between, The Stoddard Tool Co. is your go to source. Please send your dull cutters directly to Stoddard Tool Co and note: PLEASE INSURE YOUR PACKAGE FOR REPLACEMENT VALUE!

Nick Stoddard
The Stoddard Tool Co.
3105 South 62nd. St.
Tacoma, WA 98409
(253) 391-2282

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