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Monday 14th August 2023

Reynolds Newsletter – End of Summer ’23

Hot on the heels of Eurobike in our not-so-scorching British summer, we bring you the end-of-summer Reynolds Newsletter. In this issue, we will share more about Rey-Drive and its’ associated parts, our new cargo bike tubing, MADE in Oregon, our 125th goodies, and a bit about us actually riding bikes.



We launched Rey-Drive at a very busy Eurobike, and now that the dust has settled, we’ve had time to take onboard the feedback and move forward with finalising some of the details.

The reaction to the E-mpact bike was very positive and the battery integrated into the down tube was well received.

The Cotic 853 and Meteor Works 931 bikes which used the battery in the Restrap bag also had very positive feedback for these concept designs which allow simple removal of the e-drive system.

To this end, we are pursuing 56mm CrMo tubing in 1.0mm plain gauge and also as a butted tube in 0.9/0.6/0.9 at 750-800mm. This will be available as 525 or 725. We are looking at availability around November 2023.

We have also now finalised the drop-out offering – initially a laser-cut stainless steel version and a 3D-printed Titanium version. Both are available to order.

We have availability of X20 kits both in the UK and at RTEU, as well as Restrap bags and associated smaller parts.


We are currently advising that kits will be available through the autumn and winter in limited numbers – but we can increase the order rate according to demand. We are currently able to ship kits approximately 60 days from ordering.

Cargo Bikes

One of the questions that has rumbled around the Reynolds office is: What would a Reynolds-based cargo bike look like? We’ve been researching this for 6 months now. Just as cars seem to get ever bigger and heavier, Cargo Bikes seem to be suffering the same ever-expanding girth.

A vicious cycle ensues of needing more material to house bigger batteries and stronger motors that have to grow to power the heavier bulkier cargo bike. At Reynolds, we believe Cargo Bikes shouldn’t be unwieldy things. They should be as easy to ride as a conventional bike and whether you are a last-mile delivery rider, tradesman, or school-run commuter a cargo bike shouldn’t take extra skill to handle.

Off the back of the learning for Rey-Drive, we now have a bill of material around a 525/725 tube set for a cargo bike with the central feature being the 56mm plain gauge tubes which are available in lengths of up to 2m. We also have solutions for the longer head tubes and the cargo platforms.

With the enhanced bending and shaping capability we are confident that we can offer a lighter, faster, better-handling cargo bike than previously imagined. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd with a light and sharp Cargo Bike, Reynolds has the answers.


Reynolds along with Torch and File and Ti Cycles exhibited at MADE in Portland in August. We were at the show with a fabulous Ti Cycles gravel bike.

Andy Newlands also had an open house, with great food and lots of beer! We had a brilliant time meeting everyone at the show, and we are excited to be heading to Portland next year too!

RTEU Warehouse

Our Warehouse in Aveiro is proving to be popular. We are now 5 months in, and Pedro & the team are sending orders out across the EU every day. We have quite a few new customers joining the Reynolds family through RTEU.

Welcome to Reynolds, and we look forward to seeing pictures of your wonderful creations. For cost-effective shipping anywhere across the EU, without delays and unexpected customs charges, we can supply anything from the Reynolds catalogue for you, subject to availability, in Portugal.

From left: Tom, Pedro, Paulo, Emma, Martin, Keith & Dave

New Reynolds Merch

We have more new merch!

There are some great new things on the website including 125th Anniversary badges, 125th and 853 T-shirts, and some really snazzy cycle caps too. The cycle caps are handmade and as with everything we try and make it as sustainably sourced as possible.

Take a look at the shop on the website, you won’t be disappointed.

Embroidered caps, 853 T-shirts & 853 pins

Beer Mats

We are coming to the end of our stock of beer mats, so we are on the hunt for some new images to go on the next set.

Do you have any potential photos that would suit?

The old adverts we have used are ‘Make touring a pleasure with Reynolds’ and ‘Carefree riding with Reynolds’. The images can have some irony or humour, or be true to the old advert but in a 2023 context.

Please send in some suggestions for the next print run!

We enjoy using bike images in our backdrops at shows too. We love to celebrate the diversity of your creations, and we like the photos to be of the bikes being ridden, not just static side-on shots. Again if you are happy to share images with us, let us know.

Reynolds Go Riding

Local to Reynolds, there’s a challenging little sportive run for Cyclists Fighting Cancer. It may only be 30 miles, but it squeezes in 5 testing climbs. The Reynolds Peloton with Keith, Martin, Dave and Keith’s daughter Tay, had a great morning climbing the hills.

The legendary Larkstoke always has you gnawing on your handlebars, but Catshole Hill that precedes it tops out at 16.5% and had us all questioning our sanity. The bacon sandwich at the end seemed quite far off at that point. Sensibly, Barbara Noronha took the Cotic Electric Escapade around the much less hilly, easy route.

We managed to have almost every possibility of bike frame on the ride, with an 853, 953, Titanium, Aluminium, and Martin was even allowed in the gang on a carbon fibre bike.

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