Past Materials

953 maraging stainless steel

Due to restricted material supply, this range is no longer offered for any new orders.

Our 953 steel tubing takes steel alloys into a new league. Therefore, by utilising a specially developed martensitic-ageing stainless steel alloy that can achieve tensile strength in excess of 2000 MPa, we’ve achieved a strength-to-weight ratio that can take on the world’s best. The resilient ride of steel, very high impact strength (similar to armour plating) and fatigue resistance combine to provide an extraordinary material – 953 maraging stainless steel – that can be used for tubing.

Reynolds works directly with fabricators to provide recommended production techniques so that the challenges inherent in using an extremely hard metal can be overcome.

953 – the Age of the SuperSteel.

Why 953 Steel works:

UTS: 1750-2050 MPa, density 7.8 gm/cc

High strength and stainless designation from very low carbon, chromium, nickel, titanium, manganese, etc. Iron-Nickel martensitic lath crystals are formed after annealing/cooling and the formation of fine inter-metallic precipitates after ageing are reflected in 953’s high tensile strength and reasonably ductile properties. Low carbides allow machinability, despite the near tool steel hardness.

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