Replacement Decals


We are the only company able to supply Reynolds replacement decals, as we hold the “REYNOLDS” brand trademark registration. We offer a replacement decal service, if the make, model and serial number of the frame for which the decal is intended can be provided in writing or by email to Emma at em@rtl.cc or fill out our contact form here. There is a small cost for decals, and these can be paid via Paypal.

Often the decal provided will not be identical to the one on the frame, and will be a more modern design. For decals that Reynolds do not carry (mainly pre-1989 decals), please contact www.hlloydcycles.com as our official licensed distributor. They will also request frame details to help verify the use of Reynolds tubing in your frame.

Click here to open a PDF on the decal history.

Click here to open a PDF on replacement decals, reference numbers and prices.

Reynolds have a large warehouse in Birmingham, UK and we dispatch tubes across the world. We have official distributors in Japan, France, Taiwan and the US for cycle tubing, and also work with a UK-based company for motorcycle tubing – see the Contact Us page.

Most of the tubes in our UK factory are “made-to-order” as we have over 2000 drawings on file to cover variations in materials, diameters, butt profiles and lengths.

If you have a question not covered by our FAQs please email us from the contact us page and we will get back to you ASAP.