Based on the stainless 17-4PH chemistry used in applications like aviation and motorsport, Reynolds offers a range of tubes and matched additive (3D printed) components for cycle frame use as well as other engineering projects.

Key product features:

  • Butted main triangle tubing at 38.1, 34.9, 31.7 ,28.6, 25,4mm diameters in various butt profiles
  • Rear stays available in the range 24.00 -16mm OD, shaped where required
  • Matched additive (3D printed) parts suitable for both brazed and TIG construction
  • Normally supplied pre-aged, ready for fabrication/welding
  • Chemistry and heat treatment totally compatible with Reynolds 953 alloy and existing parts/fittings including weld wire
  • Corrosion resistance similar to type 300 Series Stainless steel
  • Plain gauge tubing options for custom projects

Why it works:

UTS: 1200-1350 MPa, density 7.8 gm/cc

931 has a 17% Chromium, 4% Nickel, and Copper content, and is designated a stainless steel. When cold-worked and then aged/welded, this alloy cools to form a fine-grained, tough martensitic structure (“precipitate”) which offers builders ductile but strong fabrications.

At around 1300MPa tensile strength depending on heat treatment, this steel is strong enough to be cold-drawn to tube walls around 0.4mm thick, offering light, competitive frame weights for durable frames with the RIDE OF STEEL.

How you would use it:

Reynolds Stainless steel offers similar performance levels to 853, but with the aesthetic that only a stainless steel finish can provide. Traditionally a premium choice in the road bike market, Reynolds now offers 931 in tube diameters that appeal to the gravel bike market, where its use all year round without any fear of corrosion makes it a natural fit.

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