Ultimate Tensile Strength: 810-960 MPa, density 4.48 gm/cc

Using manufacturing processes perfected on the steel 853 alloy, Reynolds mandrel-butt each 3-2.5 tube individually to tighter tolerances on the wall thickness compared to most of the titanium industry. This gives fabricators a very consistent tube profile and weight suitable for custom designs. The process also cold-works the material which improves the grain structure and tensile strength allowing lighter tubing to be specified.

How you would use it:

Titanium frames are growing in popularity across all sectors. Fans of Titanium say it had the ride of steel and the weight of carbon fibre. Reynolds butted Titanium tubes deliver very thin wall sections that have for many years produced fast light road bikes. These same properties are also used on Gravel and Mountain bikes. High performance, lightweight and superb feedback to the rider are the qualities that make a Reynolds Titanium frame stand out.

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