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PROJECT: 953 cycle road frame

Reynolds core business is in “butted” tubing for high-end bikes. Our current flagship is “953”, a stainless maraging steel with tensile strength around 1800 MPa.
Customer requirements

Weight reduction for improved acceleration, hill climbing and maximum speed
Meet industry standard EN14781 fatigue test requirements
Maintain the required stiffness of the frame under racing conditions
Integrity of tube weld zones without cracking
Fabrication using current TIG welding processes similar to titanium welding.
Project solution and benefits

Use of 953 tubing including tubes with wall thickness as a low as 0.3mm in some areas. Passing EN14781 requires a) horizontal fatigue at ~ 60kg alternating loads on the fork for 100,000 cycles and b) side load (pedalling) fatigue at ~ 110 kg for 100,000 cycles.
This frame passed BOTH tests without any sign of cracking.
TIG welded with existing welders and tooling
Stainless steel allows a long product life, and is recyclable.
For more information, please click on MATERIALS OR How Butted Tubing is Made
Rider feedback on “953” frames has been consistently positive and brand recognition for Reynolds 953 helps the frame builder market the change in material and sell at a price-point above that of carbon fibre and titanium.