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Ice Skating

We produce the lightest and strongest steel tubing available on the market, which is why its increasingly favoured by the speed skating industry.

CadoMotus is a leading manufacturer of Olympic standard ice speed skates for long and short-track race events.

The company uses Reynolds 525 and 853 steel tubes on its speed skates which gives them a strength and weight advantage over their competitors.

Reynolds 525 Chrome-Moly is used on the CadoMotus Marchese Shinobi (Nero) 525® ice skate and on the Marchese Record 525® blade tube.

525 was chosen for its sheer strength and is cold-drawn to specific dimensions requested by CadoMotus to achieve a competitive weight.

Reynolds 853 tube is an air-hardened steel alloy with a long product life and high tension tolerance making it ideal for ice speed skating.

CadoMotus uses 853 on a number of its products including:

  • Marchese Record 853® blade tubes
  • Marchese Ikazuchi (Bianco) iD 853® skate
  • Marchese Shinobi (Nero) iD 853® skate

Summary of CadoMotus brief:

  • Light fabrication for improved acceleration, speed, endurance.
  • Maintain straightness of skate at better than 0.25mm over length after use on anti-clockwise race usage.
  • Integrity of tube/blade weld in racing conditions.
  • Blade to be re-ground during race events due to damage from track debris.

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